Sunday, October 07, 2007

unexpected damages

ya know, being a home owner is a great thing. it really is! you get to fix up your own place, be in charge and create your own home environment how you envision.
but there are those other times when you really wish someone else could take care of things. :)
a couple nights ago, I noticed the water wasnt getting hot like it was supposed to. it was still more than warm, but not hot. I chalked it up to my weird pregnancy horomones and took my shower.
then night before last when giving the boys a bath, Gavin hopped in and told me "gosh mom! its cold! cant we get some hot water?" (now Hunter had already been in the bath the whole time I was running the water and never said anything!) but sure enough, that water was just lukewarm. Brrrrrrr!!!
Thank God though, my wonderful hubby came home for a day and a half this week. he'd been working out of town and they got a free partial weekend, so he came home for that time before heading back to where he was.
we cleared out the end of the closet (as this is where we had to access the water heater *roll eyes at such smart engineers who did that*) and then I discovered that ~gasp~ there was some leaking water from under the wall the water heater was behind. oh gosh.
so much for hoping it was just an element that needed replacing.
turns out the tank got a hole in it somehow and no, when the house was built they did not put a pan under the tank, but thankfully it was a small leak and caught in plenty of time before doing damage!
so my wonderful Jack-of-all-trades hubby has spent his partial weekend "off" taking out a busted water heater, creating a new access panel in a more convenient place, buying a new water heater (we bought one that has a lifetime warranty) and installing said water heater.
we do have water again, but not hot water. during the process, he discovered that building codes have changed since our house was built 10 years ago and the wiring to the WH is no longer using a 12 gauge wire, its a 10 gauge wire. *sigh* so that means I'm calling an electrician in the morning to have someone come out and have that part switched out. (dh could do it technically, but doesnt have the tools to do the job right). oy.
yeah, some things ya just wish someone else could be in charge of. LOL!
it could have been much worse though, so I'm just very thankful that he came home for this day and a half! yep, the mess would have been much worse otherwise!

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