Thursday, October 18, 2007

today is laundry day. woo! actually its laundry catch-up day. :-D the boys laundry specifically. ugh. I know some of what I'm washing is clean, but I refuse to sniff clothes.

its all windy and gloomy outside as well. we got some good rain last night and its to rain more today! its looks like we might possibly be breaking the drought finally!
hopefully some nice weather will hold out for John and Tasha's wedding though (the 28th). cant believe its so close! next week will be spent a lot of time at my moms to help with decor making of stuff.

tomorrow is H and Garrett's dr. appts. both get shots. fun. I'm more stressed about Hunter though. he freaks at just the mention of shots, so it's going to be a wrestle-mania to have them done. :P

we're boring otherwise! dh *may* get to come home this evening if all 4 trucks come in today for them to unload. if not, he'll be home tomorrow.

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