Wednesday, October 03, 2007

dance baby dance!

Happy 12 weeks to me!!! and I can make it even better by saying without a doubt that I've felt Itty Bitty move 3 times so far!!!!
Once was earlier this week and I was like 'nah. that's awfully early...' then again last night while sitting here and I thought '... maybe it was gas?' then again just a few moments ago before I wrote it in my written journal and I knew for sure that yep! Itty Bitty has been poking on momma's belly this week! so sweet!!!! I love it!
so last pg I was in my 12th week when I first noticed baby move and this time in my 11th week. which is right on the norm cause I've never first felt my babies later than 14 weeks anyways.
so cool!

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