Monday, October 15, 2007

My poor little Boo. he just had his first bad booboo. he fell and hit
his head on the concrete outside, obviously a rock or something was
under him and he cut the side of his little head. left a good sized knot
too. didnt bleed very long, the cut is only less than 1/8", but it did
get all over his shirt, me and the concrete.
katlyn washed off the concrete cause it freaked her out. I told her she
at least was more worried this time than when Gavin cut his head when he
was about this age. she was about 5 and just walked in saying "gavin's
got a bleed". when I looked outside he was covered in blood all over his
face. scary scary stuff! nothing like that this time, thank goodness.
he's gotten some tylenol cause I know his little head will hurt.

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