Tuesday, October 30, 2007

16 weeks and Gavin lost a tooth!

I swear I'm feeling SO big now a days. I really hate to complain, but gosh-a-mighty, I'm only on the verge of 16 weeks. I've got SO much more growing to do. I feel like I'm going to be gigantic before April! I'll just have to watch my eating (which BTW is getting harder cause sweets are now starting to sound so much better).

next appt is on Thursday! I *think* I've only gained 3 lbs for this month, which is normal. amazing though how those 3 lbs can make you feel so big. :P

I did realize the other day that my braxtons had started up. likely they've been going on for a while, I've just not paid attention. I did notice the other day though.

Gavin lost his third tooth last night! he has two more that are loose, but not enough to take out just yet. he was pretty upset when daddy was taking it out. daddy asked him what he was so upset about and G said "cause you want to take my tooth out" *sniff sniff* and daddy said "I've already got your tooth. see?" to which G was like 'wow!' and immediately ok. he woke up when C was up for school to check the 'tooth fairy dish' and found his money.

strange baby dream last night. it was a long drawn out one, but skipping to the main part: it was some sort of mystery dream (aka: who did it) and I was on the search for clues. found some paperwork of 'things to come' and it was a file on someone wanting to kidnap my baby girl. course I knew the information now (was still even pg) so I would know who to look for and be able to kick their butts before hand.
guess its cause I was watching CSI and Journeyman last night.
but there's another dream for Girl. not that it means anything with my history.

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