Tuesday, October 30, 2007

done some more loads of clothes, mostly coats/jackets. I swear dh has more than anyone else in the house!!! and of course his are HUGE so I can only wash like 4 at a time. I'm done with those after the next drying cycle though.
still need to wash all the boys dirty clothes so I can sort out any summer stuff to put up before taking the tubs back out. same with K's things. its gone rather easy this year.
I also went through my living room closet and took out some old blankets and curtains, rearranged the pillows (again) and got it all situated nicely.
found 3 more baby blankets (2 I'd made for K and H and one made for H by a lady at church).
I still need to clean up sooooooooo much. my house looks like a wrecking ball hit it.

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