Friday, October 19, 2007

I feel like I could fall on my face and crash out for a while. oy.
taking any of the other kids to the dr is a breeze, but take Hunter? yeah, I knew it was going to be an adventure. but boy-howdy, was it a wing-ding!  so glad my mom went with me cause it'd have been undoable otherwise.
G didnt get any shots today cause he's got a runny nose and very slight fever. nothing wrong with him persay, ears/nose/throat are fine, just a snot nose. he'll pick up his shot at the next visit.

for stats today:
Hunter 5 years- 44.5" tall, 48.5 lbs BP was nice and low (like 85/63... amazing that with all the fit he was throwing) and pee was good, as was iron. oh, and he can shatter glass with his screaming. LOL!

Garrett 16m- 33.5" tall, 25.6 lbs, HC 19.25". he's officially the smallest of my babies at this age. height is right in range, but even K was a pound heavier at 15 months. guess he'll be tall and skinny for a while.  hard to believe C was 30 lbs at 12m. makes me gawk at thinking of carrying that kind of load again. LOL! G will probably be 30 lbs closer to 2 years at this rate.
Dr did say to try and boost his fiber intake to see if that'd help with his poop cycles (he's been in a "wet" cycle earlier this week) so we'll see what we can do. at least he's not constipated anymore, right?

besides the dr, just hit a very few yard sales. found a couple of zip up small sleepers and other odds/ends. not much out today, even though the weather is great. guess its getting the end of yard sale season. *pout*

did get to see my Sis today. she brought me my Karen Moning book, plus some other stuff. *Woo!* she sat with us at McDs after we had breakfast (me and my craving for breakfast these days) til her DS called from school cause he was sick.

the church is having a family night tonight. potluck dinner and blowup rides for the kids, but it starts at 5 and not sure what time dh gets home (he's not here yet). plus I'm so dang tired. the thought of chasing down the boys for a few hours doesnt appeal to me too much. :p

I think I'll go to JCP to look for a MOH dress for the wedding. hopefully I can find something of fall colors that will look decent on me (crossing fingers!). dh also needs to find something as well cause my brother wants him to be the Best Man. :)

I feel so huginormous today. :P looking in the mirror to me, I seem giant! I know my weight's the same, but man! maybe I need a girdle. :) I definitely need hair color!!

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