Sunday, October 28, 2007

my brother's wedding!

the wedding went over GREAT and it was so beautiful out there. I've uploaded a few pics of things, though certainly not all!
they DID end up with a pro photographer! another lady from church came out for them. they'll get to pick 50 pics for $100 as a starter package. cant wait to see them all, she said it'll be about 2 weeks. woo!

I am SO tired and my feet are killing me from all the walking and running around we've been doing this week! especially the last couple days! tomorrow I've still got some running to do. have to go in town in the morning for FIL and a shop, then we'll head to my moms to help with cleanup.

the only downer part of the night was my brothers dad ( humongous roll eyes at this man!) first off, they had to set the date for THIS day because of him (he told John this was the *only* day he'd be able to make it in since he was goign to a festival a couple hours away) then he gave him the time frame (he told John he could only be here for 3 hours total). so then he gets here and when he's ready to go, he wants John to leave the wedding and escort them back out to town (too stupid to find your way out???). so John was gone after the eating for about an hour. it was getting late by then and tasha went ahead and went home cause Landon was way past ready to go to bed (poor thing hadnt napped all day) and when John came back to moms, was sad she was already gone.

the good news though is that after Tasha's parents got home, they made them get in the car and he escorted them around the square honking the horns at everyone (a 'tradition' in town after someone gets married) and Lisa (tasha's mom) said they came home with big smiles on their faces after that.

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