Monday, October 01, 2007

long update from the weekend!

I cant even remember all we've been doing, but I'll think on it.
Most of the weekend I worked on my free 8x8 picture book from shutterfly I needed to order. the last day was the 30th and I couldnt get the flash to work at my moms, so after uploading all 166 pics at my moms, I had to come home to actually work on the book. it got done though and I'm eager to get it! I did it on Garrett's first year

Friday was town day and hit a few yard sales. found a few things and even got to surprise a few people with my #6 on the way. :-D
I had to take K to my sis' around lunch so she could go to the girl scout thing for the night. I hung out over there til they left at 3:30. I love hanging with my sis, she's such a nut. :-D

that night we stayed at home and watched some tv. we seen the premieres of ghost whisperer and moonlight. I think moonlight will be really good.  I'm looking forward to more of that one!

saturday I got some ME time! daddy was off work and I got to go in town by myself to hit some more yard sales and get groceries and have some breakfast. it was wonderful.  found a few more items, but I have to say, either God is trying to tell me something about this baby or things are conspiring against me. ALL I can find are little girl sales! I swear I've not found one with baby boy items these last few months! Usually its all little boy stuff I end up finding. so I've bought a few things, dont think I spent over $2 on it all, but got a few zip up cotton sleepers, one brown/offwhite gap outfit that will be gender neutral (it'll be for the fall though) and a couple of long sleeve snap bottom shirts. also found a couple pairs of dress shoes. for all that under that price, I couldnt resist. LOL!

later that day we got to go pick up K from my sis'. my sis was so tired cause they barely ever sleep on those overnight girl scout things. LOL! we ended up hanging out there til everyone was ready to go eat, so we all went to fazolis for dinner. it was really great too! been forever since we got to go out with another family and all. the kids were great and we were all laughing like loons back in our corner.

after that we got home to veg and watch some more tv, seen moonlight was replaying so called my sis to let her know. she wanted to see it, but of course didnt get to the night before.

sunday we went to church and boy oh boy was I in a grouchy mood by the time I got there.
G didnt go to bed saturday night til after 11, then woke at 10 til 7. he was fine for about 20 minutes while he ate and stuff, but after that he was into everything. on the table, tossing and tearing up papers, in the toilet (3 kids in the next room 'didnt hear' the commotion. ha.), in the pantry (who keeps forgetting to put the lock on??), screaming for attention, then getting all grumpy cause he was still tired. I was glad to hand him off to my mom when we got there.  he slept through sunday school she said.
but anyway, church was good and I felt better by the time we left!

after getting home, we hung out here for lunch cause at 3 we had a parents/kids soccer game and pizza afterwards. I fixed some toasted sandwiches for lunch and we watched some food network.  I got dh hooked on paula's cooking. hehe!

the parent/kid game was fun. dh sat with the kids and I played a wing position. (dh's ankle is still sensitive). I was good though and only fell once, by my own fault. LOL! landed on my butt, so all is ok. parents lost though. LOL!

we went to pizza hut afterwards. only cost $5 for the whole family so that's cool! the kids had a blast hanging out with their friends of course and we got to yak with the adults.

so fast forward to pizza hut. all was well until after we ate and G decides its time to poop. he acts like its a tough one, so I let him go about his business for a bit. oh no. cant do that. he not only blew up, he blew out, blew over, blew around, blew everywhere! it was inside/outside everything!!! disgusting!!!! dh carried him like a rotten sack of taters at arms length for me to the bathroom and I took him in. I had to totally strip him down cause everything we wore except his shoes had poop on it!! I had to use wet paper towels, toilet paper and half my wipes to clean the kid up. it was awful! and stinky to boot! nasty nasty nasty!!!!!! feel sorry for those taht went in afterwards. hehe! I did bag up the dirty dipe, but still, yuck! I had to sanitize the whole change table after we were done with it.
we left after that cause dh was done and I had no diapers left or extra clothes. LOL!

so that's us!

oh, Garrett cut his 11th tooth this weekend! its his first canine on his bottom left. the twin will be following very soon. he also more clearly says "outside" and "go". his favorite things to do. LOL!

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