Wednesday, October 17, 2007

finally back home! sometimes I wonder why I do story hour, it's always
refreshing when we LEAVE, but it does get the kids out to do something
else. it was all about firetrucks/firemen today. afterwards we got to go
see the ladder truck and the smoke house. the boys thought that was
cool. G was in the stroller the whole time. that kid is way too heavy to
pack anymore. (G wasnt in the stroller during story hour. that's when I
wrestle him to stay in my lap and resonably quiet. he spent his time
sorting crayons in/out of the cups and then taste testing them.) he was
quiet the whole time, guess watching everyone else and the fact he was
moving made it all ok. it did get DANG hot outside though! I think it's
warmer than what they'd thought it would be. I had to turn down the a/c
2* after we got home. I was breaking a sweat.

got some library books after the firetruck and K got her first library
card. (C just got his last week).

then to Lowe's to take back some stuff DH never had installed for me in
the utility room (a bar to hang the boys clothes on) so I returned all
that and just bought a spring loaded shower bar that I can install
myself! will do that later today!

I wanted to look at the wall-clings while there, but our Lowe's doesnt
have them. I'll have to look what Walmart has and check out the Lowe's
in the next town. If we have a girl, I'd like to find some Tinkerbell to
go along with K's Princess clings she has.

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