Wednesday, October 10, 2007

baby stuff

I'm 13 weeks today!! I had to think about that this morning when I remembered I needed to take a belly pic. wow! last week totally flew by! next week I'll start my 2nd trimester!

OH, I had another baby dream this morning! I was at the hospital after the birth, relaxing in my room and was looking at my baby girl laying in my lap. she was all swaddled up, but had the fattest little cheeks and blond whisps of hair on her head! I thought to myself "you're so tiny!" but when she stretched out, she was longer than I realized.
I never looked in her diaper, but I knew she was a 'she' and called her that (but no name). the funny thing was, later dh was sitting on the bed looking at her and he was saying 'he' and I rolled my eyes and said 'its a girl honey'. that's so funny cause he's the one that so adamant that I'm having a girl.
so I'm going to sketch up a pic of the baby I saw in my dream so I'll have it for keeps! that's the first time I've dreamed of a blond haired girl though. normally I see dark haired babies.

course it all means nothing on if I 'know' the gender. I tend to have girl dreams anyway. this baby did look totally different from any others I've seen though. ;)

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