Thursday, August 30, 2007

the water works!

I have to say, I'm SUCH a waterbox anymore!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!! I cry at the drop of a hat! if I SEE someone crying, that's it! if I hear a touching story, that's it. pass the kleenex cause I'm gonna need the box!! I was a MESS watching extreme home makeover on sunday. dh just handed me a hand towel he had.
this morning, I was just listening to a news story about a captain on a shrimp boat that delivered his cooks baby. he'd never delivered before, but got out the first aid kit and got to work. the baby was born breech and got its head stuck, but after he did CPR for about 20 minutes, the baby started breathing! the mother named the baby after the captain. I was all choked up about that.  I dont remember how long its been since I was SO dang emotional during a pg!!! and its only just beginning! oh my!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe it means you are having a girl!

Mama Gina said...

that'd be very cool. LOL!