Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm dealing with some stuffy nose stuff now. not really that bad, just have to take a sudafed about 3x a day to help keep it at bay and so I can sleep at night, along with a slathering of Vicks under my nose to keep me open. it seems to be going around the area though. not sure if its allergies or what. my eyeballs were itching and watering like nuts this afternoon, drove me crazy!!

oh gosh, we watched Extreme makeover HE tonight and I was baaaaaaawwwwwwwling!! omgosh. cant watch other people cry, it sends me over the edge! dh kept asking "you ok?" "you crying?" he just gave me a hand towel he had next to him. :-D

I've not gained any weight yet. I'm staying in the 4 lb range I've been hanging in the last few months. always amazes me cause it seems like I eat a lot, but then again, I really dont. my breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal with 2 pieces of toast and some OJ (which OJ leaves a terrible taste in my mouth, same as milk), lunch was a chicken sandwich with some fries and half a mushroom and swiss, I was HUNGRY! LOL! my dinner was 5 dill pickle chips, about 1/2 a chicken breast on bread w/ cheese and a bowl of vanilla ice cream (I could have done w/o the ice cream :P ). so not really a lot for me. I get so full feeling I think I eat a lot, but when I think of what I've eaten, its not much. LOL! today was one of the 'good days' as far as how I felt though. on the bad days its mostly crackers and stuff like that. I need to buy some more saltines though. the ones we have are salt-free. I want my crackers with SALT!

did get in a nap today with G after lunch. he slept much longer than I did, which pushed his bedtime back to about 10:30. I'm tired again already though, so need to get my butt on to bed!

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