Tuesday, August 07, 2007

in good news

Canaan had a good first day of school. he of course talked about things til he went to get on the bus today. ;) we had a lot of paperwork to sign and send back for him. I dont remember having so much stuff from when I was in school. It was a different school though.
I pray things continue to go well for him. He says he likes all his teachers so far, except the Language teacher, who is actually a substitute til mid September, who doesnt like to give extra credit. :)
Today will start some real work for him. Not that I expect him to come in with bucket loads of work, but yesterday all he had was a one page written work for his math teacher about things such as what he did for summer, his family, favorite color and food.
Today is also soccer practice, luckily no early practice to worry about. Though I will worry about the heat. its so awful out this week. 100's all the way around. :( The fun thing though is the coach is planning on bringing water balloons to practice. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad C likes school so far. Hopefully he continues to like it.

Interesting "math" homework! If only all math homework was that simple!

Anonymous said...

I don't see how they can practice in this heat. It's 101 right now, with a heat index of 105. And we're around the same area. I can barely stand to go out and walk the dog in this.

Mama Gina said...

They didnt actually practice today, they just had a big ol' water balloon fight. :) then they got to load up on icees for snacks and then I took the kids to McDs. not a bad practice. LOL!