Friday, August 24, 2007

I should have taken a lasso with me today. things would have gone much smoother that way. the boys acted like I'd filled them up on chocolate before taking them out into public. I had to make a stop at the home-health place to pick up crutches for DH and you'd have thought they entered a circus arena!! Garrett was NOT happy to ride on my hip, so wandered around shaking the oxygen bottles, pulling stuff off the shelves, etc. The boys took it to mean they could climb all over the handled seats, handled toilets, climb on the oxygen tank containers, racing around and falling over the handled seats, trying out ALL the chairs in the place... I told the lady (luckily who knew dh) that I was glad we could entertain her for a little while today. Thank goodness she had a sense of humor and didnt get upset with the boys (unlike myself).
we still had to go to the store after that. they didnt sneak anything into the cart on me at least! LOL! of course they were too busy acting like ninjas the whole time to bother with that. *sigh*
I was more than glad to be home, though I did stop by and pick up a couple of burgers for the boys before heading there. they were giving free fries away at hardees today and the girl gave me two orders free.  I munched on one of those all by myself on the way home.

dh is on his way home and C should be home in about 30 minutes. G woke up from his nap about 20 minutes ago yet I'd love to take a nap myself.

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