Friday, August 03, 2007

open house for school

we were late getting home and getting everyone in bed tonight. hopefully everyone will sleep ok. after going to bed, Hunter went to the bathroom saying he thought he might puke. he never did and has gone to sleep now, but that worries me of course!

we left after an hour of practice today. O M Gosh! it was SO freaking HOT outside!!! they had a kid to die, I think in the nashville area today, from football practice outside. terrible!
I had planned on leaving at 5:30, going to get dinner then head to the school, but both the kids were dripping, soaking with sweat. no way I was taking them to the school like that. yuck! so we left at 5, dashed home so they could both get a shower, then back in town and went to Captain D's for kids night.
left there about 20 after 6 and went to the school (the open house didnt start til 7, but I wanted to get there early cause of the crowds).

we hit it right too cause there were already like 100 people there when we arrived.
and this is where my picture of the day comes from. I had Katlyn take this as we were walking to the school.

not flattering of me at all, but oh well. LOL!

I wish I had a notebook or a tape recorder to record my thoughts as we waited in the gym for things to start up. man, thousands of thoughts running through my head! (for one thing, my aversion to crowds kicked in :-D ). We seen many families that we knew and C got to have one of his best friends sit with us while in the gym (he's in 6th grade, so they wont have classes together though).
C was very excited about it all, and nervous! he kept jumping up to go see people he knew and stuff. I finally had to tell him to plant it. LOL!

we got to go in each of his classrooms for about 8 minutes, hear the teachers explain what their class will be about and what will be expected. all the teachers seem pretty cool. I think the SS and Science will be the best ones for him. and amazingly enough, both of those teachers said they're not big on homework! WOO! math will be his last class of the day and she seemed to be a toughie. LOL! not that she was mean, just that she expects high achievement and stuff and well, she just seemed like a math teacher would.
we didnt get to meet the language teacher as she'd gone into early labor, I think today, so the VP was in there to talk to us.
Oh, they had his name wrong! they had his first name as his last, middle as first and last as middle as in James ________ Canaan. duh! I watched them fill in the paper work so I know it was written down correctly. I talked to the VP about that since I had her close at hand and she said she'd take care of it. at first C said "oh its no big deal" and I explained to him that they'd be calling him James Canaan if he didnt get it fixed! LOL!
I stayed behind and talked a bit with the science and SS teachers (his SS teacher is his homeroom).
I'll have a whole plethora of paperwork to fill out come monday!
oh, he didnt get put on band either. I asked if he was ok with that and he said yes. so he'll be alternating between Art and PE every other day for the first half of the year.
AND one of the best things is that they keep all the kids scores on the schools website and the parents can log in any time they want to see how the kids are doing in any subject! that'll make me feel better, knowing I can see how he's doing all the time, as far as his grades go.

I'm still nervous though. he is more than me of course. I'm not sure HOW he'll feel come monday morning, but I think the phrase "big honkin' butterflies" would be pretty close. LMBO!
will I cry when I see him get on the bus? I dont know. I'm not usually an emotional person at things like that, but at this point, I think it might be possible. LOL! I'm going to wait on the porch while he waits for the bus and I'll take pics from there. (wouldnt want to embarrass him by standing by him and taking pics of everything. ).

some more good news is that he's got another of his best friends in 3 of his classes, and the other two he has kids he's friends with as well. so there's someone he knows in all his rooms. he'll also have lunch with them too as all the kids on Honor team have lunch together (from what I understand). so that makes me feel better, knowing he wont be alone in a class.

how dorky do I sound? LOL!

I'll probably be driving myself crazy on monday, wondering what he's doing, if he's enjoying it or at least getting through ok! I just want him to excel so this is also putting a big light on me, showing what kind of job I've done with him. *biting nails* I hope I've taught him well!

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Crayonsetc said...

Well gee, after homeschooling all these years, it is expected... Hey, for you, this is the first day of school :) I didn't cry for kindergarten, but I did 1st grade!!!