Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I finally got G-man down. little booger never napped for me today til
after 4, which then of course took about an hour nap. so that fueled him
on til just a bit ago. I was SO glad to go lay him down cause I had to
pee terribly!

wanna know what my lunch and all snacks consisted of til dinner today?
mac and cheese, just like breakfast. how bad is that? I'm at an impasse
though where just not much of anything sounds good. I'm not nauseous yet
to anything (except the thought of shrimp really turns me off LOL) just
nothing screams EAT ME right now. I did fix myself some chicken salad
sandwiches for dinner. it was just a sandwich night w/ also leftover
spaghetti. I hate not having something I actually want to eat. how silly
does that sound? course I guess its a good thing considering where my
weight is starting out this time. maybe its my body's way of saying
'watch it toots!'

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