Saturday, August 25, 2007

felt like much dog-poo today off and on. I had to go do a shop I got
well paid for at lunch time. stopped at a homeschool book store and
decided what I wanted for Gavin's language books (nope, still havent
gotten those) and headed home for a nap. well, kinda nap. I think I
slept for about 45 minutes total, but I do feel better at least.

oh, before I left out, I found a cicada out on the carport. I got C so
he could see it and he promptly took it inside to scare someone. I
could hear K screaming all the way outside.

I picked me up some pink lemonade mix yesterday, so now I can at least
drink something besides water or Dr. P. half the time water tastes very
nasty to me and I cant drink tea during my early pgs, and I sure dont
need to drink DP all the time.

I also had to pull out my wrist brace. my left wrist is a bit inflamed
it seems and hurts when bent, so I'll wear it for a while til it starts
feeling better. usually its my right wrist that bothers me though and
it's feeling fine. kinda odd.

I'll be taking C in town in a bit. he's going to a benefit up on the
square that his *gasp* g/f's family is having for her grandfather. yes,
g/f, sort of. I dont think she's given the "yes" yet, but he talks about
he ALL the time. she's actually our neighbor, but they didnt get to meet
til he started riding the bus cause her driveway is like a mile long.
C is already asking about the dance coming up in October and all that.
Lord help us! LOL!

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