Monday, August 27, 2007

is the day over now?

**from earlier today**
so I'm feeling like so much crapola today. my eyes are kinda hurting right now. I did get a short nap with G, maybe 45 minutes. he's still sleeping thank goodness. I'm not feeling bad as far as green feeling (which kinda bothers me cause I felt pretty ok for most of the day yesterday as well) just icky feeling I guess cause of the congestion stuff. I'm not in the best of moods either, kinda crabby.
I have gotten pics to share today, most of them courtesy of G-man and his antics.
we watched Howl's Moving Castle today, it was good. all the kids even sat to watch it (which is big cause G and H dont usually sit for a whole movie).
I made sugar cookies today too. not homemade, the pillsbury kind you just cut and stick on the pan. they're good though.
G has been on a mess spree today. he's dumped a glass of sprite, been IN the dishwasher twice, in the OVEN once, on the table I dont even know how many times, in the game systems of course and more. maybe that's why I'm so crabby.

**from later today**
so I'm very ready for bed! I think I'll read some Inuyasha before heading there though. I deserve it.  G continued his mess-spree the rest of the day. some of his antics include:
nearly pulling the big skillet off the stove while I was cutting up chicken, pulling the plate of cookies off the counter, pulling the pile of plates for dinner off the counter (which I caught just in time), turning the kitchen light off/on a dozen or so times, sitting on the kitchen bar playing with cups (that means he climbed up in the barstools again and then got on the counter). ugh, he keeps me on my toes! I dont know if I've had a kid to enjoy climbing as much as he does! sure all the others climbed, but its like he's got a set of hiking boots built in!!
he was 'jailed' in the PNP several times tonight while we did things like dishes and me finishing up dinner. dh told him "see, bad boys go to jail" :-D

fixed hamburger helper tonight, though I used chicken instead and did the enchilada dinner. it was good, but I ate too much and felt like a bigger piece of crapola afterwards. still not feeling the best, but can drink my water (much needed).

we took the plunge and ordered an additional line on our cell plan for the kids. just one though. they have a pre-paid phone, but dang if it doesn't use up $ like crazy. plus when C was on the square the other night, I couldn't reach him at all cause it had run through all the $ I'd put on it, mostly in that .35 every day just cause you have it charge.  >:o so at least we know they'll have a phone that actually works all the time. I was able to get dh a new phone too in the process. we'll do it this way: dh gets the phone I just ordered (he wanted one like I have) and the kids get his old phone which also has pics/video on it. everyone's happy and the phone I got tonight was free.  it'll be here this week and then dh can quit complaining that 'everyone gets a new phone but him'. so the new line is $10 a month, which is what it cost a month to keep that pre-paid phone running for a month, plus they'll have the rollover minutes and free mobile to mobile.  works for me!

oh, and C will be able to use it the first time on Thursday when he goes to a Titans football game with his cousin! he's very excited about that! no school on friday this week, it'll be the first parent/teacher conferences.

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