Monday, August 13, 2007

Thank you!

I wanted to thank everyone that's posted and all those who have emailed and called me (my little Sis!) with the congrats on our new baby! It means a lot to us! :D
My mom was over today and said she's still trying to wrap her head around it. LOL (You'd think by this time it'd not be so hard ;). she was awesome today while here. she helped me get the house in order and I feel like I'm in charge again! house picked up, dishes got done, floors vac'ed and clothes washed. having two generals in charge moved things a whole lot faster! :) awesome!!
I had my first bought of "dang that's a nasty smell" tonight while fixing dinner. dh wanted shrimp with our alfredo noodles, so all I had to do was thaw and de-tail them. Oh My Gosh! I had to keep my head turned to the side cause the smell of the shrimp was NAS-TAY to me!!!! :yuck: even cooking the stuff I had to stand back and not breathe it in. he told me he'd fix it if I needed him to. LOL! it wasn't a 'make me sick' smell, it's only to the point of giving me the willies when I smell it. LOL! of course after being outside later, when I walked back in, that's all I smelled for a while. :-p
funny thing though, my last pg, I craved shrimp scampi for weeks during my first tri. aint NO way that's happening this time!!

Katlyn is asking if we know that its a girl yet. ;) Canaan is happy to finally be able to tell whoever he wants (he inadvertantly found out a couple days before we told the family and I had him keep it mum!)

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