Friday, August 24, 2007

getting ready to head in town today and its just the boys and I again. K stayed with mamaw again last night.

*whew* just saved a box of cereal from being dumped out!-

-just got G out of the pantry.. where is my lock???-

-found it after 2nd time getting him out of there.-

so anyway! ... dang it, he's trying to get on the table again...

dh got home last night. his foot is bothering him again. its swelled up and he's just in one heck of a grouchy mood. I'm going to stop and pick up his crutches today.

-who is this guy that keeps calling and getting my callwave??-

I got this funny email yesterday. go to the first link and read up, then you can check out her blog if you like. LOVED the ebay story, hilarious!!!!! and sounded so familiar for some reason.

and her blog....

Poor G is having poopy problems again. this time he's stopped up.  if not one poop problem then another with that boy. *sigh* I know when it does break through though, its going to be bad.

we went to my moms for my stepdads 50th birthday last night.  she had some ribeye steaks that were OH so good! G got fed (twice) and while I was eating he's at the table breathing all over mine and moms plates (he's between us). trying to poke a finger at the things he thinks are interesting, mostly the bread. does he really want anything else though? no, he just likes breathing all over the food and whining for a bite, only to promptly spit it out on the table with a look like 'what'd ya give me that for??'.  yet he keeps breathing and whining for more til he gets a piece of cake.
he had to be bathed after that.

shopping should be fun today, just the three little ones with me. thats like having 3 wild animals on a leash trying to tame them.

oh, C gets his school pics today! I'm kind of upset with him on what he wore. I wanted him to wear one of his cool button downs w/ a white tee under it, but no. this morning he puts on his Minnesota twins tee and tells me he stuck the button down in his backpack. uh, no thanks, you'll look like you slept in the laundry basket.
oh well.


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