Monday, August 13, 2007

so I've been hiding something...

I didnt want to post in here because the family could come in and see before I told them.
The big news of course is that we're creating a 6 pack! yes, our 6th baby is on the way and with lots of prayers, they'll be healthy, strong and arrive in April for us! *woo woo!!!*
we just told the family yesterday at gavin's bday party, which turned out to be a great way of doing things. it was SO much fun to see them solve the riddle!!
my moms expression when she figured it out:

that was followed by MANY exclaimed "OH MY GOSH!" and "you're not joking are you?!" LOL!

my 'dad's' happy face after the riddle was solved. ^_^

my brother after figuring it out later when he arrived!

my older sis telling her dad, uncle Larry, on the phone. his response: "again?" LMBO!!!

I am due April 16th, which is my niece Heather's bday (that totally made her even happier!). We didnt expect it to happen this fast after our very long TTC journey with Garrett, but we are VERY happy!!!!


KGould said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Wow! Number 6 :) I was actually wondering a few months ago if you guys would have another baby :) It must have been a premonition lol! Here's to another new member of a big happy family :) :) :)

xxx Karrie in Canada

Anonymous said...

Great news. God bless your next 9 months. dad

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Congratulations Gina and family.

Jess said...