Tuesday, March 27, 2007

yadda yadda

 everyone's in bed now. I must say that G has gotten on a pretty good schedule. he no longer takes his late day nap (the one he used to take around 7-8pm) so that means he's ready for bed at 10. its been great putting him to bed when the older kids go to bed too.  he's sleeping well at night also (I just knocked on my desk hoping that continues LOL) if he does wake at night, all I have to do is bink him and lay him down. he's back asleep when he hits the pillow.

best news of today is that dh got home tonight! he didn't think he'd make it til tomorrow, but he got in early! plus there's no ball practice til Sunday afternoon (amazingly) cause the town is having Easter at the Park on Saturday (one of our usual practice days) and don't know what happened to Thursdays time. oh well.
they did win their scrimmage today (4-3). we went out to Wal-Mart while we waited, was looking for a box, but remembered one I had at home I can use. I did find G a pack of the Nuby sippys with the soft straws though. he likes the Nuby, but I'd like him to use the straw cups too. I think he'll like this kind well. time to start weaning him off the bottles (ya know, whenever he takes one LOL ).
I also looked for the XL onesies while at there, but they didn't have any. not to mention they only go up to 28 lbs I think the package said. which is fine really as far as poundage goes, should last til he's around 15 months perhaps, but the length is what gets us. he's already at the length for the 18m sizes. I guess I can look into the onesie extenders.  does anyone know if One Step Ahead is the only place that sells those? I've never bought them, so have only seen them there.

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