Tuesday, March 06, 2007

at the park today

Canaan had his first ball practice of the season today. while there, me and the other kids went to the play area of the park. it was G's first time on a big swing (we have a baby swing in our yard and he loves it, but this one was much bigger). the kids had a blast and it was a nice day (except the wind, hence the hat on G's head). its to be in the 60's the rest of the week here! woo!
he was actually laughing in this one. :)
running and rolling down the hill
we got two new balls while there. the red one was found and the basketball was given to us!


Anonymous said...

they're all so darling! i've noticed most of your kids look like you when they're born but as they get older they look more and more like your husband! except your youngest... he still looks like you :)

Mama Gina said...

yeah, they all take their moments. gavin is a total daddy clone. LOL!

Anonymous said...

They are all so adorable! You guys do good work.