Thursday, March 15, 2007

back home!

we left out first thing Wednesday morning (well, we were out about 9) and we got in tonight about 7. it went great, I got the whole room primed, painted and ceiling done yesterday and today I did a bagging on one of the walls. got pics and will post a couple later on.
the kids did well, C had a problem of bugging papa about riding the 4wheelers while we were there, so of course they had to go do that, though they all took turns watching Garrett. my entire upper body muscles are KILLING me though! that's a WHOLE lot of roller painting to do! whew!!!!!!!!!! I could hardly lift my arms when I got up today.

dad fed us pizza and as a big bonus, gave me a wireless router for my home! course I cant use it yet since I'm on dialup, but it'll be here and ready to go as soon as we're upgraded around here!

I miss the warm weather. dang old cold front moved in today and its dropped to the 50s. wahhhhhhhhhh!

tuesday afternoon went fine, we got in town about 2:45, I took the kids to mcds after cashing FIL's check since we had to wait on Tori (she works at Mcds) and the kids were hungry and I knew it'd be a while before we ate for the meeting. we played outside while there. it was cute watching them. they love playing on the equipment and Garrett was so excited about the new stuff. he'd go to the stairs where the kids were going up in the crawl through thingy and would holler his head off at them. LOL! he did manage one step, but wasn't too sure about it. its his first set of stairs to climb. he did stand by himself a lot though while he was hollering at them.

I got pics of that too.

ball practice was what it was. we didnt get to play a lot though cause it was raining off and on. OH, one funny part was that while the kids DID get to play at a playset, they got in the sandbox. well, one thing led to another and before long it was a sandstorm between K, H and Gavin! I had to sit in the van cause garrett was sleeping, so I seen it all and was just laughing my head off! of course when they got back to the van, they had to shake off and each tried to blame it on the other. *uh huh* I had to make them all turn their heads down and shake out their heads. (you should have seen how dirty the water was at bathtime too! wowzers!!)
we also had to pass the time with some I-spy while waiting on canaan.

the HS meeting went good, grilled out and stuff, so we got fed! the kids played some more and the adults got to yak. got home about 8:30 that night. had to finish packing so we could leave when we had breakfast wednesday morning, so never got on that night..

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