Saturday, March 24, 2007

the big news

we're trading vehicles!
this is all part of our process of getting out of debt.
we got an even trade on the van for dh trading his truck in (both are the same year) and we'll be selling my current minivan. the outstanding balance will be on the 'new' van. we'll only have one car payment and one insurance payment.
the BEST thing is that we'll have ROOM in the van! oh my gosh! nothing like trying to pack a can of sardines every time we load up. :P now the kids have LOTS of leg room/play room even and dont gripe about getting in the van! heaven!!
it feels HUGE to drive it though so I'll have a lot of getting used to. :)
I told dh I wanted to paint flowers across the sides and name it the Mystery Machine. ^_^
I'm excited! and feel very very blessed actually. :)

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