Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm trying to get a CD to burn for Katlyn. its giving me problems for some reason. I made one for Canaan fine, I know she'll be upset if I cant get hers to burn too. :P

today was a good day, dh had to work so I had to take C to practice (geez, its a chore for me to get up early on a Saturday! ) I took the other kids to hardees for a cheap breakfast, then puttered around town not doing much. did find one yard sale where I found K a barbie unicorn (Lila) for .25. they had a Bob the Builder doll that talked, but it was very dirty and they wanted a $1 on it. no thanks. the boys were disappointed, but I'd have had to clean the thing top to bottom and not for that price!
we didnt play at the park today cause it was crazy cold this morning. one of the boys told C (in all their boy talk ya know) that he thought his balls would freeze off.

we came home afterwards, fixed lunch, cleaned around the house and stuff.
the cat lady brought back my cats (well, all but our female cause she's still healing). the boys (cats) were glad to be home cause they ran out of the carriers like crazy. all except 2, spongebob was all upset and he had to be loved on to let him know we werent mad at him-then he was fine, and one of our black ones (I cant tell them apart, but K can) he was comfy to just sit in the carrier.
while she was here she gave us 2 1/2 twenty pound bags of catfood!! that's awesome!! she said its donated and she has enough for now and was worried the mice would get to it. dh is going to put it in a plastic container for me in the garage tomorrow. that'll save me on kitty food for about a month or better! woo!

*yay, the CD burned!*

I also worked on staining some moulding for the doorways today, we'll get it put up tomorrow, and put on one piece of floor moulding in the kitchen and got two pieces cut for the utility room. the stuffs been here and done, just not cut and put on. I want it ON!
also hung up some eagle plates (a 3 pc set) dh picked up from a yard sale LAST YEAR. I got tired of it just laying around and hung it up over the kitchen pantry.
going to dad's with him doing home improvement set me in motion. LOL!! I could dump the house on its side and renovate if I had the stuff to!

OH, biggest news of course is that my baby is 9 months old! and he cut his 3rd tooth yesterday officially! that nagging top left one of his finally did it! its barely through, but its scratchy/sharp enough you can feel it really well. the other one looks like it'll be in like next week.

I got pics of him using his new walk behind walker today. I tried to show him yesterday how to use it, but he wasnt interested. tonight though he thought it was mighty cool to walk from one end of the house to the other! he would get so tickled when he'd walk up to someone, he'd laugh so hard he'd almost fall down!

dh is going to AL all next week. I wish we could go back to papas, but we're short on $ so the gas money is not there. :P I'd love to help him some more on the room. ah well.

hmmm... I'm sure there's more I was going to blab about, but cant remember.
G goes for his checkup on Tuesday. I'm interested to see how much he weighs. he feels like a ton of course, but the scale is only reading like 23 lbs still. I think he's got a hidden supply of weights he keeps in his diaper just for when I'm toting him.
oh, and I did find G some summer items in his tote (why do I keep forgetting this stuff??) I found 2 GAP 18-24m shortalls (the red pair he's wearing in the pic of papa feeding him is one pair), a couple of short rompers 18-24m and a pair of shorts. so those plus the short sleeve onesies he's got will do us til we can hit up some yard sales or go to CARES to see what we can find. the weather is supposed to warm back up in a couple of days! woo!!

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