Tuesday, March 20, 2007

more loose teeth!

kids are doing up some work before we head out. G-man has his 9 month checkup today and there's ball practice at 4, so it'll be a long afternoon again. :P
I'm thinking of using the kids free PP pizza coupons for lunch before we go to the ped. it'll be a treat since its been forever since we've been to pizza hut.
stacy, not much bloodshed here. plenty of arguing and such, but its to be expected. they all love each other though and watch out for each one.

speaking of teeth, katlyn still hadnt lost that snaggle tooth. her own doing though, you just touch it and she starts crying about it. I'm actually going to see if the dr till give it a yank today. who knows, maybe she feels the calling of a dentist!
BUT in a big surprise, Canaan lost ANOTHER tooth last night! it was the molar behind the molar he'd just pulled the night before. it'd felt loose, but he didnt actually think it was a pull tooth, just would tighten back up. nope! he was eating some ice last night and it started flopping around. he went to show sis (in a "look, I'm pulling 2 teeth and you've still got your one to yank!" type of taunt) and while he was holding onto it to show her, she smacked his hand and it popped out. that was easy! couse now he's got a BIG gap on the side of his mouth. and dang if I dont owe him another dollar today.

we've got an epidemic of tooth loss around here! I got gavin over to check his teeth JIC! his are all in tight though. I asked if he'd been super gluing them in. hehe!

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