Friday, March 09, 2007

I just wanna stay home on fridays sometimes

vegging, I think. waiting for G to go to sleep. he's tired as can be, but wouldn't fall asleep on me, so he's in his bed. awake. of course.
it was an ok day. nothing really wrong or overtiring, just ok. the weather was absolutely gorgeous out there though! I'd rather have been out playing in it all day than running errands!
the worst part of the day was traffic jam coming back from my sonic shop. good grief! it took me 45 minutes to drive 6 miles!  they're working on the interstate here, making it a 6.. or 8 lane road and they had an exit blocked off. not sure where all the traffic was coming from though cause it wasn't coming from the way I came, it was just THERE. bleh!

... gotta go lay him down again...


dh got miffed at me tonight for stupid reasons. dinner wasn't ready when he came in at 7 (I was working on it, but had just got started) so he said 'did you forget I was coming home?' I looked at him like he was silly and told him the baby had gotten fussy, I had to get him to sleep, to which he only slept for like 10 minutes and I was working on it.
obviously the wrong thing to say or maybe the wrong tone. he thought I was being snippy I guess.  so kinda silent treatment the rest of the night. not totally, but not the 'honey I'm home' stuff either.  he can come in and be flippant, but I cant? whatevah.

.... BRB...

back... :P
tomorrow morning is to be ball practice, but they're calling for rain. so we'll see. dh is working, so if ball is called off, we may head over to my moms.
I need to redownload turbo lister for ebay. it updated itself and blew a fuse. LOL!

oh, did I ever mention that G's poop problems have been 'fixed'? he regularly eats Activia yogurt and it has made his digestion regular! no more poop problems, no more suppositories! he goes quite well now.

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