Friday, March 02, 2007


 we had a good day, even hit a YARD SALE!! Woo!! found some great deals too. a fisher price infant to toddler seat for $2 (been wanting one for a long time), pair of 2T shorts for G this summer 10 cents, pair of low ride shorts and a halter top for me, both .50.
then we went to Cares and we found G a pair of shoes for .50. just what we needed!
after that, off to Food Lion, where I saved over $30 then to Evil-Mart where I got next to nothing, but still spent $30. go figure.

dinner was homemade sloppy joes (per Katlyn's request). C spent the night with my mom and step dad. tomorrow dh will be going to the park cause they're drafting their team members for the ball teams.  practice will be starting up within a couple weeks, so the days will be getting more hectic.
I'm thinking of going to my moms to hang out for a bit too...

oh, in other news, we're wanting to get a full sized van. we really need one since the kids are getting bigger and its a tight squeeze for them when two adults ride (C can sit up front with me otherwise). well, one of dh's friends will be selling their van later this month after their vacation. its a '99 GMC fully loaded with the tv and everything. very nice and we know its well taken care of, cause they own the Goodyear here in town. ;) he told dh he'd make an 'awesome deal' if we wanted it.
it'd be SO great to get something like that. it'd take more gas (its a V8), but all the room and stuff! we'll have to see what kind of deal it'll be, plus we'd have to sell off our van and what we'd still owe would have to go on to the 'new' van. so it's all a 'maybe' thing, but its nice to hope.

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