Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 14th wedding anniversary to my honey and I!!!
 the story behind our wedding was this, we'd been living together for a year and I got tired of waiting for him to ask, so I asked him one day while we were riding through town! he said yes, asked me to pick a date and I picked March 1st (about a week away LOL!!). we'd planned on going to the JOP and having a bigger wedding in June (around his dad's bday), but his parents fixed up their house for us, got a pastor over there (who is actually my step dads pastor LOL) and we had the service at their house on a Monday night. I didn't have a wedding dress, only a nice church dress and the flowers I'd bought for my hair at Wal-Mart (and the flowers to make my own bouquet). his clothes were borrowed from his step brother cause he didn't own any dress clothes besides his army dress greens. I think the whole wedding cost $200. LMBO!!!! but we certainly got our money's worth!!

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