Sunday, March 04, 2007

waiting for little G to wind down. his clock is ticking tight!  he's raspberrying, sticking out his tongue, tossing his bottle around, playing with toys, climbing on the footstool (which I Had to move or else have him fall off again) and everything else he can find to do. yeah, I think it'll be a bit before I'm going to bed.

been a good couple of days overall, had a tiff this morning with dh about Hunter's shoes. spent 20 minutes looking for them and I finally said he'd stay here at home with daddy while we went to church, only to have daddy get upset for being woken up at 9 am to find shoes.  the shoes happened to be in our room next to his boots and he asked why I didn't think to look in there.  that'd be like me looking in their room for HIS boots!  so he's still on my poop list for now cause he's not apologized for that crack this morning. *hrump*

I fixed minute steaks for lunch today, along with some boiled taters, mac and cheese, cheese peas, roasted vege mix of red taters/carrots/onions and a salad. yeah, we're a carb family. it was good though! the vege mix is something like they gave us at Shogun.

we watched Flushed Away tonight and Grid Iron Gang. the first was funny! very cute and all the kids watched it (well, 'cept Garrett of course). the 2nd was good, but I didnt watch all of it, but what I did see was good.

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