Monday, March 12, 2007

the weekend

we had a good weekend. I think I wrote about going to moms on Saturday, but on Sunday, Garrett was dedicated at church! :twirl: he did really well except for peeing through his diaper while we were up front. LOL!
my mom took pics for me and I'll get those uploaded and posted soon! there were two other babies up there with us, only one was fussy, but a new toy and he was fine. :)
we're missing a few cats today! they were actually picked up on Saturday evening. the foster care lady for the animal shelter came and picked up a bunch and took to get them spayed/neutered. :aok: and all it'll 'cost' is whatever kind of donation I can do. that's so awesome! they should be back home tomorrow I think.
we still have about 4 or 5 outside that need a fixing, she may do that for me as well, we'll see!
yesterday after church was ball practice, but dh took C to that and the other kids and I stayed home to veg. we grilled out burgers when daddy got home.
tomorrow afternoon at 4 is ball practice then at 6:30 is the homeschool meeting. its also at the park, so it wont be a big deal, but it will be a long afternoon.  we don't usually leave a meeting til around 8. LOL! we may not stay as long though since we'll be outside and it may get a bit chilly during that time.
speaking of being at the park, I'm LOVING this weather!!! in the 70's this week! :jump: I'm just waiting for it to warm up a bit more this morning before upping all the windows! the laundry will go out to the line as well! WOO!
yesterday I wrote up a new chore list for the kids. been a while since we had one, but things are slacking, so I gotta get some motivation going. depending on how well they do, depends on how much allowance they'll get at the end of the week. ;) even Gavin has a box for 'wearing glasses' cause he just doesn't like wearing them. maybe this will give him a reason to!
...we may have a picnic for lunch today... hmmm...
the time change hasn't been bad. its usually awful trying to get the bed schedules worked out, but its not been bad. even with Garrett. last night he went to bed at 11:30 (which would have been 10:30 for him) so that's good. I did have to let him play himself out though, he fell asleep with his face laying on my feet. LOL
in some rambling stuff, I'm thinking of getting Katlyn an MP3 player for her birthday (in June, just like G, so not that far off!) she loves listening to music, but the CD player she has always runs down on batteries. plus this way she could have a big mix of music to listen to. do any of you have one you'd recommend? it doesn't have to be big or expensive (really, please not expensive LOL) just a good player and a good buy with decent space. :)
Canaan has his PSP to use as an MP3 player, so all we need to do for him is get him a bigger memory card to hold more songs.

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Anonymous said...

I bought Ryan a refurbished IPOD nano through Because it was refurbished, it was only half the original price, and it works as though it was brand new.
Just a thought.