Tuesday, March 21, 2006

whats in a name? obviously a LOT

the name debate continues.
 HE is set on Dartanian (actually spelled D'Artagnan) for some awful reason.
he has agreed to liking Gunnar.
I wanted to use Garrick, but he says its too close to Derek so not as a first name, but maybe a middle name.
I asked him about Pierce and he did the 'thinking stance' but I got no response.
he should just let me decide. :)
I want to use Garrick, have my reasons, just not wanting to say why yet... it'll be a surprise. :)
I WOULD like to know what to call this kid though.
(this would have been so much easier if we were having a girl. LOL!)


blessedmama said...

um don't wanna knock your dh but DARTANIAN?!?!?!

hugs and i'm so glad i can actually POST A COMMENT! :P

Mama Gina said...

LOL! I know! he's been stuck on this name since Gavin's pg and just wont let it go! He knocks my choice of Connor, yet wants that?! LOL!

I'm glad you can post too! ^_^