Thursday, March 30, 2006


just vegging for a few before we have to head out again. got home about 3 and have to head back out in about 10 minutes to take C to ball practice.
had a good day, got the game I wanted!  then headed to get my oil changed since I was a bit overdue. then off to goodwill to drop off a bunch of stuff then to big lots to see what they had. didnt find anything other than a swing and some strollers and carseats. good prices, but not what I'm looking for. oh well.
back home and stopped at the (good) cosignment store to drop off some stuff and see what she had. she does have a nice Graco 6 speed swing I'm thinking of getting. only $25 and its like new.  she's also got a travel swing for $20 and its only a 2 speed with no special things on it. we'll see. I'd like to see if I can find something at a yard sale, but no guarantee I'll find what I want before I need it.
while there I did get a Miracle Blanket for $6, bassinette sheet and a cute spiderman onesie with extra diaper cover (so cute!) got a pic of it, but will have to share later.

thinking of getting more to eat while in town (we had McD before heading out for lunch) and its about gone now. guess we'll see.
I fixed tuna fish and egg salad yesterday.

ok, gotta get out the door again. :P

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