Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Baby feet!

forgot to mention that I felt baby's feet this morning!!!
he was being so cute stretching this morning when I was waking up, he was stretching just like I can imagine him doing after he's born, those little arms stretching out around his head with little fingers tickling/wiggling then his little feet pushing out to stretch his little toes (which pushed his little butt up to my ribs LOL ). So I got to feeling around on him, seeing where he was positioned and way over on my left side I felt his little feet!! I was playing around with them and he pushed his feet out again (which pushed his little butt up ). that just made my morning!

I was also reading back in my written journals. He's been SO active through the day, I couldn't remember if the others were like this. seems he's up so much during the day (which I'd rather he be up during the day than the night!). so reading up on Katlyn's entries, I wrote how active she was at this time too (remember her EDD was the same as this one's is!). so that made me feel better. I was worried about another Hunter coming along I love him like crazy, but one in the bunch is enough right now. ROFLOL!

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