Friday, March 31, 2006

just stuff

C got to stay the night with his friend Ken last night (soon to be cousin since he's TAsha's little brother). so they stayed at the ballpark til around 7 cause Ken had a scrimage game. I know C loved that though.
me and the other kids came home and vegged the rest of the night. the kids got out playdoh (oh lordy, the mess!) and played on the puter and even had out the checkers.

mom's going with us to town today. its supposed to rain, so likely no yard sales. we may go to CARES to see what they have though. still gonna be in the mid 70s though, so no complaints about rain from me! no rain tomorrow and in the low 70s. great weekend weather!
dh will be home today, sometime. he didnt tell me when. mentioned something about sneaking in on me, silly man.

I must comment on this Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion I got. it ROCKS! those dry patchy places on my face look SO much better! I'm still a little red, but my skin doesnt look like its falling off and stuff Wish I'd have found it earlier! LOL!

one complaint of pg this morning. round ligament pains are kicking my butt!!!!!!!!!!!!  my gosh, they are hurting so much now. I'm having to breathe through the dang things and hold my side. maybe I need my ligament tightened up?


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