Friday, March 17, 2006

feeling like pooh

had my GTT today, got a late start, so didnt get there til around 10:45. I got to pick fruit punch this time (woo! LOL). its just amazing how sweetly nasty that stuff is on an empty tummy. she let us leave (with the usual instructions of no eating or drinking, not even to chew gum) and mom, I and the two youngest boys went in search of some shoes for mom. (she wore sandals today and was cold. LOL!
we found a Fred's where she got some sheepskin lined mocasins (sp??) and we then wandered through the baby stuff. I found some adorable disney 2 pc sets for only $2 so she got one for me and Tasha (mine is light blue with pooh and soccer balls and T's is yellow with Mickey and baseballs). we left there and it was time to head back for my draw.
draw went well, she got enough for two vials since my platelets are to be rechecked. the boys were watching the whole time, asking about her 'poking me'
then we all went to sonic to finally eat! I got a standard #1 combo and enjoyed that ( ). then we headed back towards home. we never went to walmart cause we were both tired and I still had to get dh's tags renewed and my license renewed.
got the first done and went to do my license and the puters in frankfort were down, so no go and they said I could come back in a bit to recheck. so we headed over to the scrap store.
when I got there I made a potty break, then while I was out looking around, started feeling very icky. my pulse went up, broke out in a sweat and got weak feeling. I squatted down at one point and held onto a shelf, trying to get some good breaths and feel better. stood up and still didnt feel well, so told lou ann I was heading out. they offered to let me sit in thier chairs, but figured I'd not do any shopping at that point anyway.
once I got outside, the air made me feel better so I got back to the van with no problem. mom asked me waht was wrong and I told her. she checked my pulse while I just relaxed a bit.
so I felt better and we drove back to the license dept. I felt fine walking from the van to the building, but once inside, it started all over again, only a bit worse. I squatted down (why are there never any seats?????????!!) and felt myself tearing up cause I just felt like poop and couldnt control it. also felt like I coudlnt get a full breath no matter how deeply I breathed.
the security lady asked after me and I tried to shrug it off and went on upstairs to see if the puters were back up.
get up there and nope, still down. :P
so I leave and once again outside I feel pretty fine. I didnt tell mom I felt so back in the courthouse though.
we get home and are getting stuff inside and as I'm going in, mom calls out to bring me the little outfit she bought the baby. I'm standing at the back door, one hand on the latch waiting and as she gets close she holds up the outfit to me. I tried twice to raise my arm up to get it, but couldnt get it over 30 degrees away from my side. the whole time I'm telling my arm "go! go!" and also thinking, "I need to sit down, now." mom asks if I'm ok and I feel my eyes start rolling and I kinda squeak out "I dont feel good" and start crying.
she grabs me up and gets me in telling me to call the dr. and asks if I'd felt like this before.
the only other time I can think of was when pg with Gav during the summer while we were at Lowe's hothouse and trying to walk back to the car. I didnt think I was going to make it that day either and had already started tearing up, but didnt tell my mom taht day either since I felt fine after getting in the van and sitting.
we figure it was from teh glucose test today. I just dont usually take in that much sugar in a day. I dont remember having this happen after other GTT tests though. who knows.
I guess I was on the verge of fainting, I've only ever fainted from heat exhaustion and it was an instant thing then, not something that crept up on me.
but the third time today it happened was the worst, pulse went up, broke out in a sweat, my whole body was tingling, I was going weak and hard to catch my breath.
so given strict orders to be as horizontal as possible till I felt better I stretched out in dh's recliner for about an hour then went to bed and tried to get some rest in for a couple of hours.
I'm up and about now, feeling better, but can tell its not completely gone, whatever it was.
baby is fine, BTW, he's been very active today.
so I guess that wasnt short afterall.
I'm hungry again, but once again, nothing sounds good. :P

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