Tuesday, March 07, 2006

busy bee!

I got a lot done yesterday! between school work and stuff I stayed busy!
got down almost everything from top of the boys closet to sort through and see what I had or didn't have.
I've got plenty of cloth diapers! I sorted out a lot that I'm just tired of looking at or messing with and will probably list them on here to see if anyone just wants them for real cheap.
got a bunch of stuff in the wash pile for today, burp towels/bibs/baby carrier/sling, etc.
Got a drawer in my craft drawers (that sounds funny LOL) cleaned out and put some newborn diapers, breast pads and other odds and ends in there.
I got the crib cleaned! got all the big stuffed animals out (gotta buy a large flat tub to store them in under the baby bed now), changed the sheets, dust ruffle and tossed in a comforter for now.
I was sad to find that the 'new' bumper I'd gotten wont fit! its for a travel size crib so is too small for ours and I don't have anywhere to use it. *wah* so it'll go to goodwill or I'll see if my SIL can use it cause she was talking of getting a small crib.
so there's no bumper on it yet, my other choice is missing two ties so I need to sew on some ribbon for that and the other is in the laundry. no biggie of course, not like I don't have time for all that. LOL!
also changed our bed sheets and did 3 loads of laundry and vacuuming.
dh was kinda surprised when he got home. he seen the big pile of diapers I'm ditching and asked "you giving up on babies?" LOl! had to tell him I was just sorting and organizing. hehe!

on today's agenda? don't know! breakfast first! LOL!

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