Sunday, March 05, 2006

sunday- 26 weeks

waiting to get the kids up for church today so I'm hopping on here.

did I mention that I'm now under 100 days till my edd?
and today I'm 26 weeks, which is 6 1/2 months?!

and I still have not a thing done for baby, including an official name? ah well, guess I get leeway being my 5th.

I've felt pretty good all weekend! of course I've done NOTHING so that probably means something but at least I'm not overly limping anywhere like I was on friday. I keep getting shocked when at walmart. every single time I touch a rack its *ZAP!!!* and it bugs the crud out of me! turns out I was dragging my feet when walking-the backs of my heels- which I do NOT normally do. I tried to quit doing it, but getting my hips to cooperate just wasnt happening. that made me feel even worse. couldnt even get my own darn feet up off the floor all the way. sheesh!
I'm feeling huge and I know I've got a lot of 'huge' to go yet. ack! I did lose one pound this weekend (woo!) but I put it back on from last nights dinner. I think I'm up...(counting...) 17 lbs now. geez. makes me wonder how I'm going to get back to my prepg weight within 2 years or so after baby comes. :P I know, I'm whining again, kick me in the butt! (just be gentle LOL)

baby boy is very active. I think he's settling into a 'favorite' position. I can normally find his little buttkiss right under my right ribs. his back is curved down my right side, which is very normal to me as I think all but one of my kids have settled into that position. I think Hunter was on my left side I know one was an odd ball and he's always been the booger ya know.

speaking of my little rambuncition: yesterday he (finally) wanted to go outside to play with sis and gavin, so he was getting his clothes and shoes on. he was going to put shoes on with no socks and I caught him. so he gets socks and as he's putting them on he says "this easy, mommy." (he alwasy puts his socks on correctly-no heels on the top type stuff like gavin still does LOL). then he's getting his shoes on (which he does a really good job of putting them on the right foot too) and as I'm watching him do all this himself, I tell him "you sure are a big boy Hunter". he nods his head very seriously and says "I no tiny boy, I a big boy." just makes me wanna snuggle him up!

we see how big he's getting now, knowing there will be a little baby soon, our current 'baby' looks huge!! I dont even know how tall he is right now, but he's not far behind Gav.

ok, I gotta get! ttyl!

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