Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Time Warp

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one year ago:3-2005
-Our kitty Callie passed away while we were at church this evening.

-I know some friends mean well and only want to say the best thing. I know they didnt mean to say something that actually hurt my feelings.
But, to say "at least I have four children at home" is not going to take away the hurt I feel.
Dont get me wrong! I have been thankful for each and every one of my children from the moment I found I was pregnant! Never would I be unthankful for them!
But it doesnt lessen the pain for the baby that I looked forward to holding in my arms. I still miss that soul.
I am thankful that I was picked to be their momma.

-In my life I've never seen
A more precious sight than what could be
A life, given by the grace of God to hold.
And in my eyes you are to me
A tender, precious loving seed
That never had the chance to fully grow.
And while I cry for what was lost
I feel so blessed that I was chose
To be the Mom that you will someday know.
And so with the Angels you will grow,
But in my heart I'll always know
That my child, smiles upon me from above.
For loving seeds have tender hearts
And nothing on earth can take apart
What God has given us to know and love.

For my baby Gidget with love from Mommy 3-16-2005

two years ago: 3-2004
-another cute kid talk today: i got a pair of shorts out for gavin since it was nice (warm) out. when i brought them to him he looked quite offended and said "PANTIES??!!"
i was laughing like a nut!

three years ago: 3-2003
- Hunter loves the vacuum! if he's cranky all i have to do is plug it in and 'vrooooom'! he chases me everywhere while i'm vacuuming, yanking the cord, climbing up my legs, getting in front of me, smacking it, hollering at it. not to mention the older kids play a game of "its going to get us" through the whole house.
put in with that, Tilly, who runs like a bee's on her butt everytime i get in the same room as her with the thing, it makes vacuum time quite fun.

-hunters wearing a size 4-4.5 in shoes now. me thinks he'll have big feet like canaan at this rate. canaan's first pair of walking shoes at 9 months were a 5.5. katlyn and gavin were both wearing size 3-4 at one year old.

-hunter is now 23 lbs and 30" tall. he cruises, he pulls up, he screams for attention, has 6 teeth. did i mention he also makes julian fries?

-canaan got in his first ball practice today. he was ready to go at 8 this morning! waiting is such a hard thing on a kid

four years ago: 3-2002
-Tiny is doing great (still no names picked yet), he's getting into patterns of wakefulness during the day. he's usually most active first thing in the morning and around lunch and around bedtime. last night while i was reading to the kids he was having a blast in there! those little feet were all up around my ribs, out my belly and my sides, while his little fingers were tickling my cervix and probably punching my bladder. canaan got to feel him moving the other day and finally asked me "why is he moving mommy?" LOL! i thought that was cute. i of course explained to him that babies do move while in mommy's tummies, just like they do when they're born.

-tomorrow is driving to nashville day to pick up the paychecks. :p not my fav thing. i'ts right on the verge of a two hour drive there and back plus the traffic *ugh*
-weight:184, gained 6 lbs *eek!* for a total gain of 11 lbs so far BP: 115/66 (me and the nurse were talking. )
pee test was fine for everything, baby was sleeping so was easy to find on my right side snuggled up. i'm measuring "normal" right between 23-24 cm (whew!).

five years ago:3-2001
-Many good reasons to hate driving in Nashville! when i open the door i see it's a totally child oriented bathroom. i mean, unless i want to practically sit on the floor to pee, i gotta find somewhere else to go! what's up with this????

- my biggest news today made me quite mad! remember when I was talking about the food lion food lion manager and how he wouldn't let me exchange the baby food Gavin cant eat for something he can? so I called the corporate office and they sent me a letter stating that YES, I can exchange it? WELL....
I took that letter in today and showed it to the manager and I'll have you know he STILL refused to let me exchange it!!!!!!! can you believe it????

-we're going to be seeing Dr. Sinatra at Vanderbuilt for Gavin's first eye appointment.

six years ago: 3-2000
- On the good side of things, the baby is getting big enough to make an impact. On my tummy that is.

seven years ago: 3-1999
- As I start my journal today, I guess I can reflect on my other two pregnancies
- I told Canaan I was going to have another baby and he said "ok mommy, the baby in your belly?" Then he puts his head up to my belly and listens for a few seconds and says, "I hear it mommy! I hear the baby!" then he gets behind me and says "I'll help you push mommy." and proceeds to push against my back.

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