Monday, March 27, 2006

Git 'r done!

pretty productive day so far (course it is pooping me out LOL)
kids got their work done (C is finishing up one of his social studies books now), got into town and my brother had my $ for the washer/dryer they bought so I got some cash ( ) then had to deposit a check for FIL.
took my brother to the detail shop where he was getting his car done while out and about, then stopped to pick me up some tacos at taco bell (kids had already eaten). I hoped that the yard sale I seen yesterday was going to reopen today, but no luck *boo*, so dropped off some library books then went to Blockbuster. I've got a rewards card, so M-W I get a free non-new release rental for free. turns out I made out like a bandit cause I was eligible for a free new release as well plus 2 free kids movies, plus got the $9 special of two 20 oz drinks and a tub of popcorn with my stuff, so I got 9 movies plus the drinks and popcorn for $9.43!! go me! I'm so good!
I got Corpse Bride (sissy's been wanting to see it), Chicken Little, Racing Stripes, Major League I and II for Canaan, Big Mama's House, Benji unleashed, Mr. Nanny, and Peter Pan. we're set for the week!!
finally after that we headed home. well, right as we're pulling into the drive, Hunter starts fussing and low and behold, he blows up. don't know what caused it cause he has no fever, but it was burrito from his lunch. all the other kids were "EWWWWWWW"ing and "YUCK"ing while he's bawling, plus they want to stand around and gawk (reminds me of rubber neckers on the freeway ). luckily (for me) he got most of it on himself, so there was little cleanup in the van *whew* just had to scrub some small places in the seats and floor and take the carseat pad off for washing. he's not gotten sick since, so who knows.

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