Monday, March 06, 2006

watch me go!

I feel so accomplished this morning! I've gotten so much sewing done! its been months since I pulled out my machines and stuff has been piled up, but this morning I got busy!
I worked some more on Katlyn's princess blanket that was *supposed* to be a Christmas present, but well, didn't quite get done. so it'll be a bday present this year! I got 6 panels of it done and the piping. I'm out of piping now though, so gotta get some more!
then I put the binding on a baby blanket that's been needing it for a few years. so its all done!
then put in some new elastic on one of katlyn's skirts.
I was going to fix some of dh's pants, but they need to be sewn in the knees and that's just a PITA to mess with, so go on that.
but at least its something! I also got the church youth group scrap book stuff together and hopefully I'll remember to take that in this coming weekend.

I'd love to sew up some baby clothes, but making boys stuff is not fun. unless I think of an idea for a coming home outfit. no ideas yet though.

I'm also thinking of sorting the crib out today and putting in the new sheets and crib bumper.... maybe. LOL!

kids are making egg sandwiches and they've gotten their dirty laundry sorted so I can get laundry done today (woo.)

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