Tuesday, March 21, 2006

GTT stinks!

I just got an aggravating phone call from my dr though. I failed my 1 hr GTT. of course they want me to do the 3 hr, but I don't WANT to do the 3 hr. I always pass the 3 hr w/ flying colors and with how the one hour about felled me on my butt 3 times, I really don't want to go through that again! ARGH!!!
my level was 149.

on the good news, all my other tests were fine: iron, etc were great and even my platelet numbers came back up (don't know what they were, the nurse just said the dr. signed off on them, so they were obviously fine) I'll ask at my next appt.

I just don't want to take that 3 hr. dang it! I never took it with G's pg, passed the 1hr w/ H's pg, so here I am at a roadblock again. do I or don't I? I know many would say 'well of course you take it!' but I do have a choice. there is NO diabetes in my family at all. I never have a problem w/ sugar except obviously at times like this and its not really a problem since I always pass the 3 hr and I don't eat that much sugar anyway. ugh.


besides that nothing much going on today. FIL just left for his follow up dr. appt to see if he gets released to go back to work.
Its dreary and cold out there today, a totally blah day. :P

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