Wednesday, April 09, 2008

39 weeks belly pics!

am having some cramping, plenty of BH, but that's about it. pretty boring of course.
I did get some belly pics though to share. got funny with them since they're likely my last load of belly pics (yes, I'm sure I'll be taking a 40 wk shot, but still LOL). so bear with me while they load up, I was having fun. hehe!
first, 39 weeks
then some fun pics:


Bekki said...

This is your sixth baby..WHERE ARE YOUR STRETCH MARKS?!? That is NOT fair!!
You look great.

Crayonsetc said...

See, this is the reason I want to have another one, just so I can have the belly pictures done... cuz they were not the 'in' thing when I was pg with K!! I l so love them!!

Andy btw, you totally SUCK that you post all that stuff on Monday and then don't update until today!! I was so sure we hadn't heard anything cuz you were at the hospital!!! :) Those S girls are just the most stubborn things in the world (and they don't have to be related... just the last name, I tell you ;))


Mama Gina said...

oh I promise I have stretch marks!LOL! they just all came from my first pg and they've all faded down to silver. :)

Bekki said...

How are you feeling? Please don't leave us in this much suspense!!
And you need to update me on your blogroll!!!