Friday, April 18, 2008

all home

 last night was well, like a typical first night home. she ended up sleeping in bed with us cause I was more about getting sleep than getting up and down. she went for 2-3 hr stretches between feedings (I'm pretty sure LOL). I did get to stay in bed longer. daddy finally got up with the others around 7:30 and my little Peach and I stayed in bed til 10.  I needed it though.
feeling ok today. my pelvis is sore, not the cootchie, just my pelvis. could be from sleeping in the hospital bed or whatever, but I'm still slow while moving.
my milk is in! looking more like dolly parton today. she's eating much better too! I also think having the right paci helped her. dh brought a different type (bulb type) for me yesterday and it helped bring her tongue forward. she's doing great today and things are tender of course, but she's getting milk -cause she's spit up a wee bit. (not that I'm happy she spit up a bit, just that she's getting milk) she's also farting quite a bit, so I'm expecting some good BF poop to be coming out soon!
do have more pics, but my camera is charging up and its out of reach currently. LOL

we're so fascinated with her. K wants to hold her all the time, the boys constantly want to hold her and kiss on her, even G wants to pet her head and share his paci. last night was so cute, she got upset waiting for me to get the boob out to feed her and G came across the room upset and almost crying cause she was crying and when he got to her he handed her his paci! so sweet!!!

he has been testing his boundaries though, so last night was a bit rough, but we made it through.

gonna go check in with the p/g to see if any more babies are here. I'll try to get more pics up later today, but cant promise.

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