Friday, April 04, 2008

 still here. one of the other drs are on call this weekend (the female dr I've only seen maybe 4 times over the last 3 pgs, so she has no idea of my history.) anyway, she isn't worried about it and said the usual, "if the contrax get 8 minutes apart, come on in." well boy howdy, that doesn't help cause last night they were 2-7 minutes for hours!
so whateva. I'll hang out the weekend unless things are obviously gotta go now, and just see Dr. P on Monday like I'm scheduled and go from there. he's going to do a sweep then anyway. Dr. Dillar (the dr on call) is on call all weekend so I'd rather she not deliver me anyway. LOL!

I did lay down for a short nap after talking to her. dh called to see how I was. and after getting up I went ahead and installed the carseat base in the truck.  exciting day. woo.

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