Monday, April 07, 2008

38.5 weeks and counting down

 so I slept like crap last night. :P up every two hours (I'm really hoping this isn't indicative of Sarina's eating pattern LOL) and also I kept getting lower back aches, no matter which side I'd sleep on. I finally got up about 2:30 or so and came into the living room to sit on my ball against the back of the couch for a while. hoping the change of position and all would help. it kinda did, though I still kept having pains 6-10 minutes apart. finally moved to the couch to see if that would help more and things stayed the same, but I got tired by 3:50 and went back to bed. (more back pains *sigh*). still up every 2hrs after that, but I got a bit of sleep in there.
having weird dreams all night too. part of them about labor/delivery, part about goofy weird stuff.

dh woke me up this morning singing "we're going to have a baby today!" *rub belly* "we're going to have a baby today!" *rub belly* "does baby want to come out and play?" *rub belly* then he's quiet for a minute and says "hmmm... baby's sleeping right now"
he asked last night if I wanted him to stay home JIC, but I said no. don't want to waste a vacation day for the uncertain. KWIM? I told him I'd call by lunchtime to let him know what was going on. I'd not mind going in tomorrow. that'd give me time to get the rest of my stuff together and call the people who want to be there.

but I'm NERVOUS AS HECK!!!! my gosh!! I'm having these freak out moments about labor and pain now. not like I've not been through this before dang it! LOL! I just know how bad it hurts, even if its only for 30 minutes like last time and my brain is going 'no no no no no!'
I also wonder if she'll be a speedy birth or a slow and easy. if she's a speedy one, it'll hurt more, but she'll be here in under 2 hours. if she's a slow one like Garrett was, it could be 6 hours, but only hurt for a little bit.
gosh, the way the brain works us over at times like this!

C is back at school today. I feel kinda bad he didn't have a more exciting spring break. :P maybe we can make this week exciting!
OMGosh, my ticker is in single digits!! I knew it was coming, but still wasn't expecting it! LMBO!!

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Bekki said...

I am sooooo excited for you!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! COME ON BABY!!