Thursday, April 24, 2008

so we are doing so much better today! I've not had to pump since early yesterday morn! she's nursing better as well since my nips no longer feel like they are shooting fire

I gave her a little spongebath today-to which she hated.

she had a long wake span last night at bedtime. she usually wants to powernurse from @ 10-12am, but last night she wouldn't settle down for longer than 30 min all the way til 1... or was it 2? I think the problem was that I changed the sheets before bed. I had flannel sheets on before and switched to cotton. so I finally thought to put a fleece blanket under her and she slept fine.

its lunch time and almost one cranky boys nap time, so gotta go and make people happy!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are getting better. The thrush sounded scary, yikes! I can only imagine. I enjoy reading your posts. You have so much going on but still manage to handle it all.

Mama Gina said...

I dont ever want to go thru thrush again! terrible, evil stuff!

and many times I'm amazed anything has gotten dont around here. LOL!