Saturday, April 12, 2008

feeling pretty normal (my answer for anyone who asks how I feel). was up a gazillion times to pee last night or just to roll over it seems. if I take a swig of water (which I have to do every time I get up cause I'm so parched) it turns into a liter of water between my mouth and my bladder and I'm up within 1.5-2 hrs to pee it out. makes for a long night (without having a baby to take care of). did have a couple of times of cramps that woke me up instead, but I just shushed them away cause I knew they were 'nothing'.

dh is still sleeping, I of course got up with G when he started hollering "MOMMA!"at 7:45. yes, sleeping late, but it makes me wonder if I'll still be the one to be getting up each morning after baby gets here. I mean I know I got less sleep, why do I have to get up? *grumble*

the other kids have already disappeared into K's room to play on the gamecube. we wont see C again till tomorrow at church (he's going to stay with my mom tonight after they get in cause she lives closer to the church).

not sure what's up for today. I feel like my house is a wreck. toys/stuff everywhere and it bugs the crap out of me!

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Anonymous said...

My guess is you'll go until the
20th or right around, give or take a day. But that's going by the moon. I've heard people say that anyway.